Hoop House

When you need a high-quality hoop house or high tunnel greenhouse, contact the pros at Redwood Empire Awning! We offer custom pollination covers/seed cages, and frames that are perfect for commercial and home gardening. Our hoop houses and high tunnel greenhouses are manufactured in-house and can be built to your specifications. They can be produced as small as 2’x 2’ x 3’ or as large as 40’ x 120’ x 8’ – or any size in between. Covers can be ordered separately or with frames, and are available in rectangular or Quonset styles.

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The Benefits of Using a Hoop House or High Tunnel Greenhouse

Whether you’re a commercial farmer or a backyard gardener, a protected space can make a significant difference in annual output and the length of your growing season. A hoop house or high tunnel greenhouse provides protection from the elements for seedlings and starters and helps to keep out unwanted pests. For organic gardening, hoops and high tunnels also help to maintain the integrity of the crops by reducing the chances of cross-pollination. 

High tunnels offer many of the same benefits as a traditional greenhouse, but they’re lighter, more mobile, and more versatile. They’re tall enough to use agricultural equipment inside and allow you to combine indoor and outdoor plants throughout the growing season without the burden of a fully equipped standard greenhouse system. And since they don’t need a foundation like a traditional greenhouse, they’re very easy to install! Our cover and frame options include:


Polyethylene (Green)

  • 20 x 20

Polyethylene (Natural Amber)

  • 20 x 20 mesh (bee, fly)
  • 32 x 32 mesh
  • 52 x 52 mesh (aphid)

Heavy-Duty vinyl reinforced Mud Flaps

Heavy-Duty vinyl reinforced Corners

Seams double stitched, polyester thread

Zippers: Heavy Duty Brass and Delrin


Galvanized Steel Tubing

  • Frame: 1 3/8″ x .065
  • Fittings: 1 1/2″ x .065
  • 3-way Corner
  • 4-way Intermediate
  • 5-way Center Uprights
  • Tees
  • All joints MIG welded and anti-rust primed

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