Awning Petaluma

Installing an awning on your home or business is an ideal way to cut energy costs and enhance the building’s exterior. At Redwood Empire Awning, we offer high-quality residential and commercial awnings made from premium materials. All awnings are handcrafted in-house to your specifications, so you can be sure that it will be a perfect fit wherever you’d like it installed. Contact us today at (707) 588-9900 to request a quote. 

residential and commercial awnings

If you’ve been searching for ways to cut energy costs, residential and commercial awnings are the perfect solution. Not only do awnings dramatically increase the visual appeal of the exterior, but they also help prevent heat and moisture from becoming trapped indoors. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers and The National Bureau of Standards found that having an awning can reduce the interior heat of a home or business by up to 65% for southern facing windows and 77% for eastern facing windows. Over time, that adds up to some significant savings! In addition, sunlight coming in through windows doesn’t just add heat – the sun’s UV rays also damage or fade interior elements like furniture, carpeting, and paint. 

Since 1951, we’ve been providing homeowners and businesses with exceptionally crafted awnings designed to withstand the elements. Our fixed awnings are made from Sunbrella performance fabrics, known for their color retention, cleanability, and rugged strength. We’re also an authorized dealer of Voss German-built retractable awnings, which are ideal for those who would like to have the option of shade or enjoying some time in the sun. 

All our valence trims are hand-cut, using a variety of standard patterns. However, if you have a unique design in mind, let us know! We’re happy to accommodate your request. With nearly 2 dozen colors, we’re sure to have a fabric that will look great with your exterior. In addition to residential and commercial awnings, we also offer high-quality vertical curtain systems made using Subrella fabric or mesh. 

For more information on our awning services in Petaluma or to request a quote, contact Redwood Empire Awning today at (707) 588-9900.