Utility Truck Tarp


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The REACO Tarp 35 oz. vinyl utility truck tarp kit is an American made DIY kit. This utility bed tarp kit is available in 4 popular lengths. All kits are 4′-5″ wide. Designed to sit on the bed rail of your utility truck just inside the top boxes. Most utility truck racks mount on the outside of the bed rail. If your racks mount on bed rail, the heavy duty 35 oz. vinyl will allow you the flexibility to cut/modify the tarp to fit your racks and other existing objects. Designed as a universal tarp kit, this kit will work with most utility beds, work trucks and truck beds with side mounted boxes.

Watch the video on how to install & measure REACO BRAND Utility bed tarps: https://youtu.be/f7sf9yrtboQ

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The kit includes:

1-28 oz. tarp 8ft.- 7/16″rubber rope
1- Tarp track  8- Rubber rope hooks
5-1″ square support bars 2- Quick release tie back straps
5- Aluminum screw strips 42-Self tapping screws
10-1″ square and caps 1- Assembly Instructions

To make sure this utility cover kit will work on your truck, you will want to check a couple of measurements:

  1. Inside measurement between top box lids is greater than 4′-5″. If narrower the tarp will still work but require you to cut down material and crossbar width.
  2. Inside measurement of truck bed should be greater than 4′-01/2″ but no greater than 4′-2″.

To determine the length of the kit you will need, see chart below.


Available tarp lengths: